Invalid mnemonic phrase – How to restore your recovery seed

Getting an “Invalid mnemonic phrase” error can be tough for people using cryptocurrency. This error message means they can’t get into their digital assets. But, there is a way to fix this problem. This article guides users on solving the issue, letting them recover their seed and access their cryptocurrency wallet. Your Recovery Phrase is critical. It’s the key to your wallet and losing it means losing access to your assets forever.

Key Takeaways

  • The mnemonic phrase, also known as the recovery seed, is the master key to accessing a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Typographical errors and incorrect mnemonic phrases are common causes of the “Invalid Mnemonic Phrase” error.
  • Carefully reviewing the mnemonic phrase and verifying its completeness can help resolve the issue.
  • Making multiple backups of the mnemonic phrase and storing them securely is crucial for wallet security.
  • Contacting Trust Wallet Customer Support is recommended if troubleshooting steps do not resolve the error.

Understanding Mnemonic Phrases

A mnemonic phrase is a set of random words. It works as a backup to get into a cryptocurrency wallet. You get 12, 18, or 24 words in order. This phrase is important for safety. It lets people get back into their wallet if they lose their device.

What is a Mnemonic Phrase?

It’s like a secret code for your wallet. Almost all crypto wallets use it, like Trust Wallet does. It lets you store and get your private keys in a safe and easy way.

Importance of Mnemonic Phrases

Keeping your mnemonic phrase safe is key. It’s your only ticket back to your wallet and its digital money. If you lose your wallet, get it stolen, or forget your password, the phrase is your life saver.

Industry Standards for Mnemonic Phrases

There’s a big rulebook for making these phrases. It’s called BIP39. All in the crypto world follow it. This way, the phrases from different wallets work together if you need to use them.

Causes of “Invalid mnemonic phrase” Error

The “Invalid mnemonic phrase” error can pop up for a few reasons. These include typographical errors, incomplete mnemonic phrases, and using the wrong phrase. Just one misspelled word or extra space can make a mnemonic phrase invalid. This stops you from getting into your wallet.

If some words are missing or the order is wrong, Trust Wallet sees the phrase as bad. If you use a totally wrong phrase, you’ll see the error message. So, be careful when saving and storing your recovery seed.

Typographical Errors

Typo mistakes often cause the “Invalid Mnemonic Phrase” error. Even the smallest error, like a typo or extra space, can lock you out. So, make sure you check your mnemonic phrase carefully.

Incomplete Mnemonic Phrase

Leaving words out of your phrase causes trouble. Trust Wallet can’t check your seed if it’s not all there. Always make sure you write down the whole phrase in the right order.

Incorrect Mnemonic Phrase

Using the completely wrong phrase also blocks your wallet access. This could happen if you use a different device to generate your seed. It’s critical to keep your phrase accurate to keep your wallet and digital assets safe.

Checksum Size for Mnemonic PhrasesError Occurrences
9 words: 3 bits
12 words: 4 bits
15 words: 5 bits
18 words: 6 bits
21 words: 7 bits
24 words: 8 bits
– Unsupported number of mnemonic words error
– Invalid entropy size error
– Mnemonic out of bound error
– Language error
– Invalid seed size error
– Invalid checksum error
mnemonic phrase error

“Invalid mnemonic phrase” – Troubleshooting Steps

Seeing the “Invalid mnemonic phrase” error is frustrating. However, there are steps to fix this issue. First, users should check the words they entered. Make sure there are no misspellings or extra spaces. A small mistake can stop the wallet from recognizing the phrase.

Checking for Typographical Errors

The first step in resolving the “Invalid mnemonic phrase” error is to carefully review the mnemonic phrase entered into the Trust Wallet application. Users should pay close attention to each word, ensuring there are no spelling mistakes or extra spaces that could render the phrase invalid. Even a single typographical error can prevent the mnemonic phrase from being recognized by the wallet.

Verifying Completeness

Next, make sure all the phrase’s words are there and are in the right order. Trust Wallet needs either 12, 18, or 24 words in order. If any words are missing or not in the correct order, the error will show.

Using the Correct Mnemonic Phrase

If checking and counting the words doesn’t work, go back to where you first got the phrase. You need the exact right phrase to get in. Without the right one, your wallet stays locked. So, getting the right phrase you need is important.

These steps should help you fix the “Invalid mnemonic phrase” issue. Then, you’ll be back in your wallet and able to use your cryptocurrency.

Mnemonic phrase troubleshooting

Best Practices for Mnemonic Phrase Management

To avoid the “Invalid mnemonic phrase” error, it’s smart to manage your mnemonic phrase well. This involves good practices for handling your phrase, keeping your wallet safe, and protecting your digital money.

Backup Your Mnemonic Phrase

First off, it’s vital to copy your mnemonic phrase and keep the copies safe in different spots. This way, if your device is lost or broken, or if someone steals your phrase, you won’t lose access to your crypto. Backing up your phrase is key to protecting your investments.

Double-Check Before Confirming

Next, check every word of your mnemonic phrase when you type it in. A typo or extra space can lock you out of your wallet. By being careful, you can make sure you enter the phrase right the first time.

Keep Trust Wallet Updated

Lastly, always update your Trust Wallet. Updates can fix bugs and make things run smoother, reducing issues with your mnemonic phrase. Following these tips will help keep your cryptocurrency safe and accessible.

Mnemonic phrase management


To wrap it up, seeing the “Invalid mnemonic phrase” error is a big deal for cryptocurrency users. This phrase acts like a key to their digital money. If there’s a problem, it could be due to mistakes when typing, not using the full phrase, or using the wrong phrase.

Steps to fix this involve checking the phrase carefully and making sure it’s right. Then, people should be able to get back into their cryptocurrency wallets. It’s good to always keep a backup copy of the phrase, go over it twice, and update Trust Wallet often. Doing these things can stop the error from coming up again.

If the error keeps showing up, help is available at They offer aid in getting back cryptocurrency assets and solving any mnemonic phrase problems.


What is a mnemonic phrase?

A mnemonic phrase is a series of random words. It’s used as a backup for a cryptocurrency wallet. This phrase lets you access your wallet if you lose your usual login.

Why is the mnemonic phrase important?

The mnemonic phrase acts like a master key. It helps users get back into their wallet. This is important because it keeps your digital money safe.

What causes the “Invalid mnemonic phrase” error?

Making mistakes in the mnemonic phrase can lead to this error. It might be a typo, a missing word, or using the wrong phrase.

How can I resolve the “Invalid mnemonic phrase” error?

Check the mnemonic phrase for any typos, missing words, or mistakes. Make sure it’s the correct phrase. If it still doesn’t work, review every word to verify they’re in the right order.

How can I prevent the “Invalid mnemonic phrase” error?

To avoid this error, keep copies of the mnemonic phrase in safe places. Always check each word when you type it in. It’s also good to keep your Trust Wallet updated.

Where can I get further assistance if I continue to encounter issues?

You can visit for more help with the “Invalid mnemonic phrase” issue.