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In 2019, we were first approached with a challenging task: cracking a presumed lost wallet. Since then, we have helped countless individuals recover their lost cryptocurrencies. At Cryptorecovers, we are passionate about retrieving crypto for our clients, as we are aware of the vast amount of cryptocurrency currently trapped and inaccessible.


Our team consists of dedicated cybersecurity specialists and IT professionals who combine their skills and expertise to provide tailored solutions. We take pride in using professional tools specifically designed for password cracking and recovering lost recovery phrases. With our advanced technologies, we can even work with just a portion of the password or recovery phrase to gain access to lost cryptocurrencies.


At Cryptorecovers, we believe in transparency and reliability. Therefore, we always operate with a trusted service contract in every case to ensure everything is legally sound, allowing our clients to trust our services with peace of mind.


The services we offer include:


Password cracking: We utilize advanced techniques and tools to crack lost or forgotten passwords, even with limited information.

Recovery phrase recovery: For users who have lost their recovery phrases, we provide solutions to regain access to wallets and accounts using a portion of the recovery phrase.

Retrieving wallets from old computers: If your crypto wallet is stored on an old computer that no longer functions, we can assist in recovering your digital assets.

Recovery of crypto from outdated wallets: Many users have stored their cryptocurrencies in wallets that are no longer supported or accessible. We can help recover these lost assets.

Hard drive data recovery: For users who have stored their digital wallets or private keys on a damaged or inaccessible hard drive, we offer expertise in recovering lost data.


Feel free to check out our reviews to see what our clients have to say about us. At Cryptorecovers, we strive not only to recover cryptocurrencies but also to provide trust and peace of mind to our valued clients.


So, if you are faced with a lost wallet, forgotten password, or other crypto-related issues, do not hesitate to contact Cryptorecovers. We are here to help.