Jaxx Liberty Wallet Recovery – How to restore your Jaxx wallet in 2024

Need help with a Recovery for your jaxx liberty wallet? Let us show you how! If you need any help recovering your bitcoins or other crypto, feel free to contact us.

The Jaxx Liberty wallet was a well-liked cryptocurrency wallet people got to use from 2016. It was a new version that came after the first Jaxx wallet. Its cool features included a 12-word backup phrase and the ability to work with many cryptocurrencies.

But, on March 27, 2023, the Jaxx Liberty wallet decided to call it quits after seven years. This means it won’t be offering its services anymore. This piece tells you all you need to know to recover and restore your Jaxx Liberty wallet in 2024. Need help with the recovery? Feel free to contact us.

We’ll show you how to move your funds to other wallets that can take them. These include wallets like Edge Wallet and Exodus Wallet. Let’s get your Jaxx wallet up and running again this year!

Key Takeaways

  • Jaxx Liberty was a popular cryptocurrency wallet launched in 2016 as a replacement for the original Jaxx wallet.
  • The Jaxx Liberty wallet allowed users to manage their digital assets with features like a 12-word backup phrase and support for multiple cryptocurrencies.
  • Jaxx Liberty wallet officially announced its retirement on March 27, 2023, after seven years of service.
  • This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to recover and restore your Jaxx Liberty wallet in 2024.
  • The guide includes steps to migrate your funds to compatible wallets like Edge Wallet and Exodus Wallet.

Understanding Jaxx Liberty Wallet

Jaxx Liberty came out in 2016 as the next version of the Jaxx wallet. It already helped lots of users all around the world manage their digital money. It’s a non-custodial wallet, so you own and control all your cryptocurrency. You can get your wallet back using a 12-word backup phrase. This is a standard procedure in the cryptocurrency world.

Jaxx Liberty’s Legacy

This wallet is all about you being in full control of your digital cash. Jaxx and its owner, Decentral, never touch or control your money. You’ve got your digital coins safe, and the 12-word backup phrase is your key. This key is made using a trusted method, the BIP39 standard, for security.

Non-Custodial and BIP39 Standard

Jaxx Liberty puts you in charge of your cryptocurrency completely. It uses the BIP39 standard to make a 12-word backup phrase. Once you lose access or damage your device, you can still get your wallet back. This backup phrase is very important for using your Jaxx Liberty wallet again.

jaxx liberty wallet features

Preparing for Jaxx Liberty Wallet Recovery

The 12-word backup phrase is key for getting back your Jaxx Liberty wallet. This seed phrase is your only entry to your crypto funds if your device is lost or you reinstall the app. It’s vital to keep this backup phrase safe. Without it, you can’t get your wallet back.

Retrieving Your Backup Phrase

To get your 12-word backup phrase from Jaxx Liberty:

  1. Open the app and tap the menu (three lines in the upper-right).
  2. Go to “Security” then “View Backup Phrase”.
  3. Write your 12-word backup phrase somewhere safe where only you can see it.

Lost your app access? Look in your notes or any records from when you first set up your wallet.

jaxx liberty wallet 12-word backup phrase

Jaxx Liberty wallet recovery

The process of restoring a jaxx liberty wallet recovery process is only possible if you have its 12-word backup phrase. You can only use a compatible wallet for this. Without this backup phrase, getting back your money isn’t possible because the wallet keeps you in full control.

jaxx liberty wallet recovery

To steps to restore jaxx liberty wallet, you need to follow specific instructions from the wallet platform, for example, Edge Wallet or Exodus Wallet. Need help recovering your cryptocurrency? Feel free to contact us. This way, you’ll get your cryptos back and be able to manage your assets again.

Restoring Specific Cryptocurrencies

When you move from Jaxx Liberty to wallets like Edge or Exodus, you’ll need special derivation paths for some cryptos. It’s key to know these paths to get your assets back.

Bitcoin Derivation Path

For Bitcoin, use the path m/44’/0’/0′. This way, you can get your Bitcoin back from Jaxx Liberty.

Ethereum and ERC-20 Tokens

For Ethereum and its tokens, use m/44’/60’/0’/0/0. This path is for restoring your Ethereum and its tokens from Jaxx.

Other Cryptocurrencies

Jaxx supports many other coins. For recovering different cryptos like Bitcoin Cash, you need specific paths:

  • Bitcoin Cash: m/44’/145’/0′
  • Dash: m/44’/5’/0′
  • Dogecoin: m/44’/3’/0′
  • Litecoin: m/44’/2’/0′ (P2PKH – Legacy)

Always check the right path for the crypto you want to restore from Jaxx Liberty.

jaxx liberty wallet bitcoin recovery

Troubleshooting and Support

Moving your Jaxx Liberty wallet to a new platform is usually easy. Yet, you might face issues while recovering or restoring it. Some key problems with jaxx liberty wallet restoration often occur:

  • Incorrect entry of the 12-word backup phrase
  • Compatibility issues with the chosen wallet platform
  • Difficulty finding the correct derivation paths for specific cryptocurrencies

Common Issues and Solutions

Running into jaxx liberty wallet recovery troubleshooting issues? Start by checking the help guides from your new wallet, like Edge Wallet or Exodus Wallet. They offer support to help you resolve jaxx liberty wallet recovery issues.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Still having trouble with your Jaxx Liberty wallet recovery? Consider professional help for jaxx liberty wallet recovery. Sites like cryptorecovers.com specialize in fixing these issues. They have the skills and tools for any wallet recovery, offering a trusty solution for jaxx liberty wallet restoration.

jaxx liberty wallet recovery troubleshooting

Conclusion – How can I recover my Jaxx Liberty wallet?

The Jaxx Liberty wallet retiring doesn’t mean you lose access to your crypto funds. By following the steps in this guide, you can move your assets safely to wallets like Edge or Exodus. The most important thing is your 12-word backup phrase; keep it safe. It’s your only way to get your digital money back.

Always keep your backup phrase safe and beware of shady offers. Your money’s safety comes first. With steps like saving your backup and transferring to safe wallets, moving your crypto is easy. Trusting good wallet providers can help you keep full control over your digital money.


What is the Jaxx Liberty wallet?

Jaxx Liberty, launched in 2016, was a famous cryptocurrency wallet. It was an updated version of the initial Jaxx wallet. Users could manage their digital assets easily. It featured a 12-word backup phrase and supported various cryptocurrencies.

What happened to the Jaxx Liberty wallet?

The Jaxx Liberty wallet stopped its services on March 27, 2023. This closure came after seven years of being available.

How can I recover and restore my Jaxx Liberty wallet?

To get your Jaxx Liberty wallet back, move your funds to another wallet like Edge or Exodus. Use your 12-word backup phrase for this.

Where can I find my 12-word backup phrase for the Jaxx Liberty wallet?

If you still have the Jaxx Liberty app, look in the “Security” section for your backup phrase. You can also check old notes. This is where many people keep the phrase they got when they first used the wallet.

How do I migrate my Jaxx Liberty wallet to Edge Wallet?

To switch to Edge Wallet, first download it. Then choose to restore using a backup. Enter your 12-word backup phrase from Jaxx Liberty.

How do I migrate my Jaxx Liberty wallet to Exodus Wallet?

To move to Exodus Wallet, download it as your first step. Then pick the “Restore Wallet” option. Follow by entering your Jaxx Liberty 12-word backup phrase.

What derivation paths should I use when migrating my Jaxx Liberty wallet?

For Bitcoin, the derivation path is m/44’/0’/0′. Ethereum and its tokens use m/44’/60’/0’/0/0. Different paths apply to other cryptocurrencies. For example, Bitcoin Cash needs m/44’/145’/0′, Dash uses m/44’/5’/0′, Dogecoin uses m/44’/3’/0′, and Litecoin uses m/44’/2’/0′.

What common issues might I encounter during the Jaxx Liberty wallet recovery process?

Getting your phrase wrong and problems with wallet compatibility are common. You might also struggle to find the right paths for some cryptocurrencies. Checking the help the platform offers or asking a pro can fix these issues.

Where can I get professional help for recovering my Jaxx Liberty wallet?

For expert help with your wallet, turn to services like cryptorecovers.com. They offer the knowledge and tools needed for a successful recovery and transfer.